Monday, December 1, 2008

Paisa Hats

  • If you own Tigres del Licey Baseball hat... you get 1000 paisa points
  • If your new Tigres del Licey hat looks like you owned it for 20 years... you get 1000 paisa points
  • If you have a "Malta India" hat, you get... 5000 paisa points
  • If you wear your "Malta India" hat while drinking Malta India... you get 1000 extra paisa points
  • If you own a hat with your country's flag and name... You get 100,000 paisa points (This is the definition of being paisa)
  • If you wear your country hat in public during a paisa related activity like a parade... 5000 paisa points
  • If you wear your country hat, with your country shirt, your country shorts and country socks... You get an impressive 500,000 paisa points and the honor of being paisa king for a week
  • If you wear all these hats, the same week.... 6000 paisa points
  • If having these three hats is not enough for you and you keep bugging your relatives in the motherland to send you more paisa gear... 10,000 paisa points each time you mention these words: "mandame una cachucha" (send me a hat)


F. O. Bodden said...

You are "eating it" (Te la estás comiendo) with this blog. Ja, Ja, Ja!!

The Durans said...

where the heck did you find these hats???