Thursday, December 9, 2010

Paisa Scooter Gas Tank

  • If you use a scooter to haul a trailer, you get 1,000 Paisa Points.
  • If you used an empty gallon of shampoo as a gas tank for your scooter, you get 2,000 Paisa Points.
  • If you ride on a trailer pulled by a scooter, you get 5,000 paisa points.
  • If you fixed your van's tail light by using scotch tape, you get 3,000 Paisa Points.
  • If you decide to go on vacation and you manage to take a a picture of three scooters, one that is hauling a trailer and has a paisa gas tank, and a van patched up with scotch tape, your vacation destination gets 3,000 Paisa Points
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